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Department Of Supply Chain Directorate


To one day, see a Lesotho wherein, at all times and everywhere, no person falls short of a complete state of physical, mental and psychological well-being because of the lack of essential health commodities (medicines, medical technologies and devices) necessary to take care of him or her.


To develop a cost-effective supply chain system that ensures continuous availability and accessibility of quality and affordable health commodities (medicines, medical technologies and devices) at all levels of the health system for quality service provision.


Strategic Objectives

  • To support  the  establishment  of  relevant  policies  and  structures  for  supply  chain management at all levels.
  • To improve coordination among supply chain players and functions.
  • To strengthen  capacity  and  performance  of  staff  in  supply  chain  management  at  all levels.
  • To strengthen  quantification  and  forecasting  of  medicines,  medical  technologies  and devices.
  • To strengthen the financing mechanisms to ensure an effective and efficient SCMS.
  • To ensure  effective  procurement  processes  and  supplier  performance  management that are to the advantage of the supply chain mission at all times.
  • To strengthen  Logistics  Management  Information  Systems  to  generate  quality  and timely available data for decision making.
  • To support quality and proper handling of health products (supply chain management activities) throughout the supply chain.
  • To ensure the quality of the commodities in the country at all times.
  • To streamline  the  distribution  system  for  all  health  commodities  using  informed  push distribution approach (push and pull).
  • To strengthen good governance within the SCMS.