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Information Technology


Our mandate is to provide an integrated, efficient and effective, secure, and sustainable digital platform for strengthening healthcare services in the country.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of the ICT department is to strengthen healthcare services through the use of e-health solutions that address the needs of the health system in the country.

The goal will be accomplished through supporting the realization of the following outcomes through digital solutions.:

  1. Increased access to timely, accurate, and complete reporting on Lesotho’s health system activities and outcomes
  2. Enhanced quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness of clinical practices (Diagnosis, Treatment)
  3. Efficient patient management practices (Tracking, Monitoring, Outcomes)
  4. Effective and efficient utilization of resources at central, district, facility, and community levels
  5. Enhanced institutional capacity to implement e-health solutions at central, district, facility, and community levels
  6. Affordable cost of health-care services to community members