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Environmental Health


Environmental Health draws its mandate from the Lesotho Constitution 1993. Section 27(Protection of health) of the constitution indicates that Lesotho shall adopt policies aimed at ensuring the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health for its citizens, including policies designed to –  (a)  provide for the reduction of stillbirth rate and of infant mortality and for the healthy development of the child;  (b)  improve environmental and industrial hygiene;  (c)  provide for the prevention, treatment, and control of epidemic, endemic, occupational and other diseases;  (d)  create conditions which would assure to all, medical service and medical attention in the event of sickness; and  (e)  improve public health.

Department Objectives, Functions and Services

 To provide quality nursing and midwifery care at all levels and setting of health care services:

Overall objective: To prevent and control Environment-related diseases and other conditions of public health importance in Lesotho.

Services: Environmental Health services are provided in all districts of Lesotho through the District Environmental Health offices under the guidance of the Environmental Health Department’s Head Quarters team.

Objectives and Functions

  1. Port Health

  2. Food Hygiene and Safety

  3. Pollution control

  4. Occupational Health and Safety

  5. Emergency Preparedness and Response

  1. Water Sanitation and hygiene
  2. Housing

  3. Vector and Rodent control

  4. Health Care Waste Management

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Environmental Health